Our Lives Are More Than A Netflix Movie

Recently I was hanging out with some of my closest friends, and in our typical manner, we found our selves pouring out the deepest thoughts about our lives and our spiritual walks with each other. See our nights typical start with something fun and then driving for a little bit and then finding somewhere to park so that we can all get extremely invested in each other.

This particular night we got really deep into our walk with God and where it is versus where we want it to be. One of my friends who has been struggling for awhile really let us know where she was. She talked about how she has been at her lowest with God recently and she doesn’t know how to get back on track. She cannot just turn off the thoughts in her brain that satan has planted. She was asking us for advice on how to get back on the right path with God. And the Lord started speaking with this idea.

Our walk with Christ is not like a Netflix movie where you can say “I want to watch that movie. Click start, and watch the movie in its entirety.” Instead, we choose cable t.v. We watch movies with commercials. Instead of being able to watch a movie on Netflix in about an 1 hour and 30 minutes, we end up watching a cable movie for around 2 hours. The difference is the commercials. But the best part about commercial breaks is that the show always comes right back on.

Just like in our walk with God we desperately want for our relationship with him to be perfect like a Netflix movie with No interruptions. But that is not how life happens. In Genesis when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they had the sinless life we dream of. However the serpent came along and tempted Eve into eating fruit from the forbidden tree. Thus beginning lives of sin and disobedience for humankind.

The only person who has lived a “Netflix Life” has been Jesus. Jesus is the only person who has lived a sinless life. God knows that we will end up in commercials which is why he sent his son for us. Jesus died for our sins to be forgiven. 

Commercial breaks with out fail are always always followed by the return of the regularly scheduled t.v. program. Whenever we as Christians sin and fall away from God we know we can always always return to God. No matter how far apart from God we may became or how small the sin was, God’s love for us runs so deep that he extends grace to us for eternity. 

On t.v., you can always tell when the commercial is about to be over. The last commercial before the return of the program is typically a network commercial. 

 So imagine if God is our network and our life is the t.v. program and satan is the commercials. That means that our lives start out and then we sin or fall away from God or are tempted by satan and we begin a commercial break from Him. Eventually during that commercial break we want to come back to the Father and ask for his grace and forgiveness that is freely given. This would be the network commercial because coming to God with our weaknesses and short comings brings us back to him. So then we come back to our regularly scheduled program, time with God.

God never leaves us no matter how far from him we may be. Just like how a t.v. program does not change networks just because it has become interrupted by a commercial break. 

We decided to live in the truth that no matter how long we are on a commercial break from God, because we are human and have sinful nature we can always turn back to God and he will accept us back to his program because of his love for us.

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